Our Mission

Our veterans and first responders will be exposed to more trauma over a short period of time than most people will see in a lifetime. As a contributing factor, more first responders will take their own lives than will lose their lives in the line of duty. 

We at Courageous Tails have experienced first hand the positive impact animals have brought to our lives, to include the impact K9s have when it comes to improving the mental health and wellness of veterans and first responders.

In order to give back, we are supporting our veterans and first responders, while honoring the animals and working dogs who provide so much joy, dedication, and inspiration. No matter what, they are always there for us.

To raise awareness and support, we provide presentations and information throughout the country to veterans, first responders, and the public regarding the emotional impact a K9 can have on someone's life. Having visited and photographed working dog teams in over forty states and overseas, we capture and share the Courageous Tails of the veterans, first responders, and K9s we meet.

Stories include the profound bond between K9s, handlers, and their communities, as well as the immense impact dogs have in managing post-traumatic stress and the grieving process. We meet with veterans and first responders to explain how exposure to life saving traumatic events and the resulting post traumatic stress, impacts their long-term mental health and physical well-being. Information is also provided to promote the continued health and well being of our K9 partners.

The stigma of mental health remains prominent among our veterans and first responders. Please join us in our effort to lift the stigma associated with mental health, and reduce the number of suicides in our veteran and first responder communities.

                                                                                 Courageous Tails is a Non Stock (Not for profit) Corporation

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